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«Niriides Cruises»


Our beautiful Catamaran Yacht shares the same qualities as the Nereid whose name it carries, sailing effortlessly in the Aegean Sea searching for the most unique and magical insular treasures. Aktaia is part of the crew and along with her experienced skippers they are called by the sea and are driven by their love for the Cyclades which they proudly call Home. These partners manage to travel safely in the Cycladic sea seeking adventure and sharing their hidden discoveries with their guests which a few seamen know. The experienced skippers of Niriides Cruises along with our soulful Catamaran, Aktaia, travel together almost all year round. During the summer season they guide their guests through an island-hopping experience in the Cyclades and during winter they spend their time increasing their sailing skills and searching idyllic locations accessible only by sea. Every rough weather is worth the challenge as the reward is priceless.