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«Niriides Cruises»


Our beautiful Catamaran Yacht shares the same qualities as the Nereid whose name it carries, sailing effortlessly in the Aegean Sea searching for the most unique and magical insular treasures. Aktaia is part of the crew and along with her experienced skippers they are called by the sea and are driven by their love for the Cyclades which they proudly call Home. These partners manage to travel safely in the Cycladic sea seeking adventure and sharing their hidden discoveries with their guests which a few seamen know. The experienced skippers of Niriides Cruises along with our soulful Catamaran, Aktaia, travel together almost all year round. During the summer season they guide their guests through an island-hopping experience in the Cyclades and during winter they spend their time increasing their sailing skills and searching idyllic locations accessible only by sea. Every rough weather is worth the challenge as the reward is priceless.

Having all this knowledge accumulated and given our appetite for exploration, we invite you to come as a guest and leave as a friend on a trip where we sail the Cyclades in a totally different way. We chase endless sunsets and cosmic moons; in between, seals might play with us in magical bays and dolphins may keep us company during night sailing under the stars. We feel privileged to have witnessed the natural beauty of this region of Greece and honored to have met the people who live in the Cyclades as they are ones who make this part of the world so unique. These people are the ones from whom we are inspired to continue doing what we love by sharing what has captivated our souls with people who want to participate in this unique experience with us. We invite you to create new friends in the heart of the Cyclades with strong bonds which will last forever in your memories.


In ancient Greek mythology, Nereus was a marine god inspired by the different forms of the sea symbolizing moving water and seafaring. Nereus along with the Oceanid daughter of the Ocean, Doris, acquired the numerous genus of the Nereids. The Nereids were sea nymphs, very friendly to humans and especially helpful to sailors as they had the ability to calm the sea. These female spirits of the sea symbolized everything that is beautiful and kind about the sea and are particularly associated with the Aegean, where they dwelt in its depths within a golden palace. They are often found in scriptures singing and dancing around their father with their melodious voices echoing throughout the marine world. The expressive names we derive for the Nereids refer to the various states and graces of the sea. “Aktaia” is one of the 50 daughters and was responsible for the good relation between the land and the sea.

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