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Cyclades...our Passion


The Cyclades are a unique group of islands, located in Greece, created by volcanic eruptions and major tectonic activity that took place in the Mediterranean million years ago forming this geological monument in the Southern Aegean Sea. The islands are in fact the peaks of the mountains of the Aegis, a landmass which was submerged at the continental crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa creating the outstanding landscape that we can see today rich in crystalline rocks.

[NC] Map-3-05.png

This Homeric part of the Aegean archipelago consisting of inhabited islands and remote rocky islets provides majestic seabed landscapes, authentic local culture, endless sailing under the brightest suns and awesome night skies away from light pollution. Each island is astonishingly unique with different cultural heritage, history and traditions but all are embraced by the endless blue waters of the Aegean Sea weaving this cultural jewel in the heart of Greece. The Cyclades give you the opportunity to engage with the local community, its habits, its food, its music and most importantly its people who know how to have fun in a beautiful and spontaneous way sharing carefree moments revealing the beauty of simple living. This way of life brings us back to the true essence of human experience in this world, reminding us of the value of simplicity which is yet hard but not impossible to find. 

We invite you to surrender under the spell of this place where sunsets are bold, shores are embracing the mellifluous sea and people sing naturally its lyrical melody. We have been sailing the area long enough to affirm that in this place something very magical happens within you and this is the reason why we see the Cyclades as a ceaseless family knowing that there are still many compelling stories and captivating scenery awaiting to be discovered.

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