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Pirates In Greece... The P.I.G. Project

"Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, then I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can."

 Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, 1851

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Aktaia unfolds her pirate sails to take you on an exploring expedition to seek the hidden treasures of the off-the beaten landscape, weather and way of living. This is a 7-day trip dedicated to pirate life, dance and laughter where magical landscapes and local culture are the treasures we will be driven by.


Our long professional experience puts us in a position to hunt reliably breathtaking beauty on the horizon while chasing sailing adrenaline no matter any weather conditions may arise. Find the true essence of living like a Greek islander visiting our favorite locations in the Cyclades as well as the secret sites we have discovered throughout our 10-years’ experience.


This is a unique trip where there is no plan nor a destination just the inner need for sharing our well-hidden treasures while exploring new possibilities with people who share the same lust for pure adventure and who will be longing after the treasure hunt to get ashore and sit with the people of an island, taste their local food, be inspired by their stories, dance to their music and celebrate life in its wholeness.

In order to be part of the PIG Project you’ll need to book your cabin and become a member of Aktaia’s crew by helping us navigate this experience to its full potential. We will be two experienced skippers on board but in order to transform Aktaia into a true pirate ship, everybody has to contribute to the sailing, to the laughing, to the singing! Your passion for life and true adventure will be the only map you’ll need in order to create your own pirate story as a wind traveler in the heart of the Aegean Sea where priceless stories are born. It will be Aktaia’s pleasure to sail you to her turquoise treasures which she secretly shares with the sea. Wind will take care of the rest ...

When And How to Join

PIG Project is running from the beginning of May till the end of October

Contact us at for inquiries, prices, and more info!


  • There are 4 double cabins available

  • 2 master cabins with large private bathroom

  • 2 regular cabins with private bathroom

  • Embarkation: Every Saturday

  • Take off: Sunday morning

  • Return: Friday at 16:00

  • Disembarkation: Saturday 09:00

  • Capacity: Up to 8 travelers


What’s included:

  • Fuel

  • Port and marina fees

  • Crew

  • Breakfast and light lunch

  • Snorkeling equipment

  • Trawling fishing equipment

  • SUP

  • Bed linens and towels

  • Dingy with outboard engine

  • Greek VAT


What’s not included:

  • Flights, ferries and transfers to or from the yacht

  • Cancellation or Travel and Health Insurance

  • Discretionary gratuities for the crew

Meet The P.I.G.S

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We are Stergios and Eytychis, two old friends who while walking into different lifepaths, we both heard nature’s call to leave the city and sail in the Aegean Sea. As mentioned above, great stories are being written in these waters and one of them is our own.


We both sailed separately to different islands of the Cyclades for more than 10 years. One was sailing on the North-East and the other on the South-West until Aktaia made her appearance in 2020 and joined our lifepaths once again. Our beautiful catamaran, which is named after a female spirit of the sea that stands for the wise relation between land and sea, has brought two old friends back together crafting our common sailing destiny in a spirit of freedom. Both of us share a deep passion for the Cyclades and its people. This cluster of islands has been something very meaningful to us. The Cyclades have become our Home. The magnificent coves, the breathtaking scenery, the peaceful sailing under the glimmering night skies, even sharing a table with a local who has nothing else but stories to tell … all these are moments where our souls can rest at ease feeling only but gratitude.

When sailing, sunsets are the most yearned moment of the day because each time we witness a different dance of orange, red and purple on the enigmatic horizon. This sacred dance across the sky reminds us every time that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. When a feeling like this is shared with other people, a trip of a few days can be turned into a soul awakening journey.


Our loyal companion Aktaia, never leaves from our side making her an experienced partner and a true connoisseur of the Cycladic routes. After our 10-year experience in the Cyclades we have gathered all this comprehensive knowledge and have decided to share it with the world in a unique one in a lifetime pirate treasure hunt. The feelings of our guests not wanting to leave when a trip has ended is what gives us the inspiration to continue doing what we do with love and gratitude. If searching for treasures like music, adventure, laughter, passion for life and real human contact is being called a “Pirate”, then this is definitely what we are. 

PIG B&W small_edited.jpg
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